Claiming Prizes

We want it to be as quick and easy as possible for you to claim your big win.
You can either make an appointment to claim in-person at one of our offices,
or you can mail your ticket to Headquarters to claim without stepping foot in an office.

Not sure which is option is right for you? Read below for more information.

Single-ticket claims of $600.01 and More - In Person

  • Prizes of more than $600 (on a single ticket) can be paid BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at Jefferson City Headquarters, as well as the Springfield, St. Louis and Kansas City regional offices.
  • Prizes from $600.01 to $35,000 can be paid the same day.
  • For prizes of more than $35,000, it takes approximately two weeks from the day of the claim to receive payment.
  • To make an appointment, either click "Schedule An Appointment" above, or call (573) 751-4050, Option 9

    What to bring to your APPOINTMENT:

    • Your signed winning ticket
    • An official Missouri Lottery winner claim form
    • Photo ID (State-issued driver's license or an approved and current Government-issued photo identification card)
    • Completed IRS Form W-9 — Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.
    • For prizes of $35,000 and more, a completed Direct Deposit form if you would like to utilize direct deposit.
    • Patience. The claiming process will likely take longer than you may have experienced in the past. We ask that you follow posted signage and abide by all safety and social distancing measures in place.

Single-ticket claims of $600.01 and More - By Mail

  • Your name, address, telephone number and signature must be on the back of the ticket.
  • For prizes more than $600, include a filled-out claim form, a copy of a government issued photo ID, and a filled-out IRS Form W-9.
  • Your ticket and paperwork should then be mailed to:
    Ticket Redemption
    Missouri Lottery
    PO Box 7777
    Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777

Jackpot Prizes

Lotto and Powerball prizes, which are $1 million and higher, are paid either in annual installments (in 25 annual payments for Lotto prizes and in 30 annual payments for Powerball prizes) or in a lump sum. Mega Millions jackpot prizes are paid in either annual installments (paid out over 29 years) or in a lump sum. Cash option prizes are approximately half of the advertised jackpot.

Jackpot prizes for Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as top-tier prizes for Cash4Life, must be claimed at the Jefferson City headquarters office.


All Lottery winnings are subject to federal and state taxes. The Missouri Lottery is required to withhold 4% Missouri state tax on prizes of $600.01 or more, along with 24% federal tax for prizes of more than $5,000. Winners may owe additional taxes for the prize or they may receive a refund, depending on personal income.

Time Limit For Claims

You have 180 days to claim your prize from the official end of Scratchers games and 180 days from the drawing date of the last winning play on a Draw Games ticket. The Missouri Lottery is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged tickets.


The Missouri Lottery loves to celebrate winners. However, effective Aug. 28, 2021, that celebration will only include your name if you have provided written consent, in accordance with § 313.303 RSMo. If you have any questions, please ask a lottery employee for additional information.